4 Ways Freelancers Can Grow Their Network

Networking is the surest path to business growth, and it’s not just for executives and entrepreneurs. Freelancers can benefit from networking, too — you never know where your client is going to come from!  

Think of networking like word-of-mouth marketing. The more people you connect with, the more opportunities you have to talk about what you do. When someone in your network needs what you offer, they’ll know exactly who to call and can feel confident in doing so. 

That said, there are a few ways freelancers can start growing their network, even if you typically work at home alone. 

1. Attend In-Person Networking Events 

In-person networking events are poised to make a comeback after COVID shut them down altogether. People are eager to start socializing again, and freelancers can take every opportunity to join in.  

Business networking events are rocket fuel for connecting because it allows people to put your name, voice, and face together. Take advantage of becoming recognizable in your area, especially if you’re typically working from home and not usually communicating with clients directly. 

2. Maintain a Social Presence 

Solo freelancers usually can’t compete with larger agencies in terms of marketing due to budget. But social media is free, and by all means, you should try to maintain an active presence.  

Your social profiles can help prospective clients find you and get to know you. Share expert advice, talk about your projects (without breaking client confidentiality), and show your prospects you’re passionate about what you do. All it costs you is a little time. 

3. Make Your LinkedIn Profile Outreach-Friendly 

Did you know that 43% of marketers say they have acquired a new customer via LinkedIn? HubSpot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than other social media sites.  

Freelancers can use the business social network to get new clients, too, and you can do so without having to cold pitch. Our advice is to make your LinkedIn profile “outreach friendly.” For example, you can use a profile picture frame to let prospects know you’re available for hire. Put it in your headline that you’re now accepting new clients and projects. Last but not least, add a call to action in your bio asking prospects to direct message you or email you to start discussing the next steps.  

4. Connect with Freelancers and Professionals on Marketplaces 

Online freelance marketplaces like CitronWorks can be goldmines for growing your freelance network. Not only are they great places to find new clients, but you can also connect with other freelancers if you choose to outsource your overflow work or tasks you don’t have the skillset to complete. Build up a freelance team so you can expand your services, deliver timely projects to your clients, and grow your revenue! 


Nick Brandt

Nick is a keen internet consultant and developer who has focused on the Internet since '95 and been involved in most aspects of the Internet business in positions ranging from web designer, developer, to manager of websites, databases and online projects. He headed the web for Teletubbies.com, "We Are What We Do, Plastic Ain't My Bag and Industria Web" with Ericsson in Italy. He won the Cisco IBM E-Commerce Award 2000 and E-handels konferensen 2001 (The annual E-commerce conference - Copenhagen). He is currently the co-founder and CTO for Zenvoy.com & Citronworks.com and active in several other online projects.


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