How to Build Your Own Freelance Team

Want to know one of the top secret hacks from a high-earning freelance team? It’s the same pack that businesses use when they hire a freelancers to scale their operations: outsourcing. 

Yes, freelancers can and should outsource to other freelancers as part of a solid growth strategy. Having other freelancers on your team allows you to offer more value to your customers by expanding your services. Plus, it helps you take on more clients when your schedule is full. You don’t have to feel guilty about turning down business and can make a little extra money with minimal effort. 

Now you know you need a freelance team. The next step is building one. Here’s how to create a solid team of freelancers that will support your business: 

Define Your Greatest Needs 

As a freelance writer, do your clients ask for original graphics to accompany their blog posts and ebooks?  Or maybe they want you to build an entire WordPress blog for them? 

As a freelance website designer, do your clients expect you to ride all of the content for their web pages and have it ranked high in search results? 

The more value you can provide to your clients, the easier you make their lives. This saves clients from having to vet and negotiate with multiple freelancers on their own. But you don’t have to be the one wearing all the hats. 

Start thinking about complementary services that your clients often ask you for or might need,  then try to fill those roles with other freelancers. 

Set Your Expectations 

Freelancers are used to working within their own ecosystems. That’s why you need to clearly Define your own expectations and communicate those with potential freelance candidates. They need to understand how you work, because ultimately, they are serving your clients. 

Consider things like turnaround times, revisions to the deliverables, invoicing, and the best means of communication, among other details. 

Consider How Much You Can Afford to Pay  

Outsourcing tasks to freelancers gives you a unique opportunity to scale your income without taking on too much additional work. You need to decide what value a freelancer will bring to your business so you can decide how much to charge the client. Don’t forget to leave a little extra money for yourself since you’re spending time vetting freelancers and managing their work. 

Also, as a fellow freelancer, you know just how valuable a freelancer’s time can be. Try offering a paid test assignment to make sure you’ll be a good fit before letting them work with your clients. 

Connect with Freelancers on CitronWorks 

Once you get more clarity as to what you need from building your own freelance team, it’s time to start connecting with potential candidates. Freelance networks like CitronWorks can connect you to thousands of freelancers across a variety of categories, all in a central location.  

CitronWorks is also unique in that you can get top-rated talent delivered to your inbox that has been vetted and interviewed by the CitronWorks team, saving you even more time in the process.


Nick Brandt

Nick is a keen internet consultant and developer who has focused on the Internet since '95 and been involved in most aspects of the Internet business in positions ranging from web designer, developer, to manager of websites, databases and online projects. He headed the web for, "We Are What We Do, Plastic Ain't My Bag and Industria Web" with Ericsson in Italy. He won the Cisco IBM E-Commerce Award 2000 and E-handels konferensen 2001 (The annual E-commerce conference - Copenhagen). He is currently the co-founder and CTO for & and active in several other online projects.


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