Best Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers

Whether you charge by the hour or by the project, tracking your time is a top priority for freelancers. Knowing how you spend your time can help you set your rates, decide how much your time is worth, and charge your clients accordingly.  

But despite the fact that time tracking apps are designed to serve the same purpose, they don’t all function equally. Here are four of the best time tracking apps for freelancers to improve your productivity and make your life easier. 

1. Harvest 

One of the biggest names in time tracking apps, Harvest combines time tracking with expense tracking and time-based reporting. It’s great if you are working with multiple clients each day since it lets you split up your time between multiple tasks. Harvest also works via mobile app so you can track calls and other tasks even when you’re not at your desk. Turn your data into rich visuals that you can hand to your clients so they can see how you’re spending time and tracking expenses on your projects (a major value-add for freelancers!). Harvest offers a free 30-day trial, as well as a free and paid plan. 

2. Toggl 

If you’re looking for bare-bones time tracking that doesn’t require much management, Toggl was made with the busy freelancer in mind. It does one job, and it does it flawlessly. Add time manually, separate billable from non-billable time, edit time entries, and leverage the Pomodoro method all from the Toggl app. Try it free for 30 days or jump into a free (limited) plan or paid plan. 

3. TopTracker 

A freelancer-friendly app, TopTracker automatically tracks your time in the background while you work. When you’re ready, you can turn your data into invoices and send them directly to your clients. Take timed screenshots to show your clients how much time you spent on their projects. You have full control over what you keep track of and can get detailed productivity reports to see your activity levels across all of your projects. The app is completely free to use to keep your freelance overhead costs low. 

4. TimeCamp 

Designed with freelancers in mind, TimeCamp is 100% free to use. It combines time tracking with project management so you can see exactly how and where you’re spending your time. It automatically tracks project profitability (e.g. what the project is worth vs how much time you spend on it). Turn your time-tracking data into invoices with just a couple of clicks, all while providing clear proof of your work.  

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Leo Gestetner

A serial entrepreneur for over 30 years with a track record of successful online and offline businesses. Leo is Co-Founder & CEO of Zenvoy (Building A.I. Driven Private Networking Communities) & is also Co-Founder & CEO of CitronWorks (A global marketplace of remote professionals ready to help entrepreneurs and companies achieve their goals). Leo is Founder & CEO of Heath Capital, a private equity firm that primarily takes control positions in Technology, Real Estate, and Consumer & Durable Goods Businesses and is very active in each investment.


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