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How to Transition from In-House to Freelance

Whether you’re a designer, a developer, a writer, or even a customer service expert, at some point in your career, you have probably considered working for yourself.

Introducing CitronWorks

There are a lot of other platforms out there, so why are we launching another one? A couple of reasons.

In-house vs. Freelance: When to Hire a Freelancer and When not to

Technology has also changed how work gets done. Platforms that enable communication and collaboration without requiring people to meet in person are now the norm. And, for possibly the first time in history, we have all the technology in place to allow nearly any worker to perform their duties remotely.

3 Crucial Questions to Answer before Starting a Freelance Business

As an online marketplace, you can find new projects from customers you may not have met in any other situation. Plus, with CitronWorks’ Trust Score, you’ll be better able to judge whether a client will be a good fit for you.