Top Winter Destinations for Digital Nomads

One of the benefits of being able to work from anywhere in the world is that you get to, well, work from anywhere in the world! Granted, at the time of this writing, the global Covid-19 pandemic is still raging and wreaking havoc on the travel industry.  That said, there are still some places digital nomades can go to get away, despite the state of the world. We might be past the holiday season, but there’s still a few more months of winter left. If you’re a remote worker looking to travel a bit (ideally after the pandemic is done), here are a few of the top winter destinations for digital nomads.  

Da Nang, Vietnam 

With a relatively low cost of living, access to decent Wi-Fi and high-speed internet, and an extremely comfortable climate, Da Nang is a year-round destination for digital nomads. There are plenty of cafes and a few coworking spaces, and there’s plenty to see and do from a tourism perspective.  

Cancun, Mexico 

When you think Cancun, you might be thinking spring break. But it’s also a prime location for digital nomads, particularly this time of year when it’s still warm (lower 80s F/25C). It’s probably one of the most affordable places to stay and has pretty good Wi-Fi/internet accessibility. If you enjoy working by day, hitting the beach, and partying at night, Cancun could be an ideal place to winter.  

Medellin, Colombia 

While Medellin is often associated with the illegal drug trade, there’s a lot more to this sizable mountain city than that. It’s Colombia’s second largest city, and being situated near the equator, it has year-round moderate weather. It’s very accessible from North America, and as a result, has become a digital nomad hotspot. It’s extremely affordable in terms of housing and food, and public transportation is also easy to use and cheap. It’s the coffee capital of Colombia, and there are plenty of cool coffee spots to work from. Lastly, there are also plenty of cultural attractions that might interest you when you want to take a break from working.  

Tenerife, Spain 

This popular winter destination for European vacationers is also a great spot for digital nomads, though a bit pricier than the others mentioned here. Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands, a Spanish-owned chain of islands off the coast of Morocco, and because of its location, the temperature rarely gets below 55F/13C during the winter. Internet is easy to access and widely available in hotels, cafes, and even some beaches! But what’s best about Tenerife is its access to a wide variety of natural phenomena and scenery.  

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Nick Brandt

Nick is a keen internet consultant and developer who has focused on the Internet since '95 and been involved in most aspects of the Internet business in positions ranging from web designer, developer, to manager of websites, databases and online projects. He headed the web for, "We Are What We Do, Plastic Ain't My Bag and Industria Web" with Ericsson in Italy. He won the Cisco IBM E-Commerce Award 2000 and E-handels konferensen 2001 (The annual E-commerce conference - Copenhagen). He is currently the co-founder and CTO for & and active in several other online projects.


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