Introducing CitronWorks

This month, we’re launching CitronWorks, a new platform for hiring remote workers. We’ve worked hard at creating a global marketplace that truly meets the needs of both businesses and independent workers.

You’ll find a wide range of independent workers on CitronWorks, from freelance developers, virtual assistants, customer support staff, lead generation experts, copywriters, social media and blogging professionals, and more. Even better: Many of them are available not only for one-off projects but also for ongoing work.

Now, some might say, “Why start a platform when there are already so many others like it out there?” To that we say: “Why not?” The demand for flexible, remote workers is only growing and is likely to keep growing in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. No one platform has so far wowed us, so we decided to build our own.

Why CitronWorks?

There are a lot of other platforms out there, so why are we launching another one? A couple of reasons.

First, we’ve used these other platforms for other projects. Frankly, we’ve found them to be lacking. They’re often filled with unvetted workers, whose work too frequently leaves a lot to be desired, costing far more in time and resources than promised.

Second, in many other platforms are simply untrustworthy; or rather, the people posting on them are untrustworthy in that you don’t always know who you’re really hiring.

CitronWorks addresses both these issues in several unique ways:

  1. We verify all identities, ensuring that people are exactly who they say they are.
  2. We skills test all workers and rate their skills.
  3. We’ve developed a proprietary Trust Score for both businesses and freelancers that’s far more accurate, informative, and reliable than a simple rating system.

For Freelancers

One of our goals for CitronWorks is to build a safer marketplace that serves both employers and freelancers. That’s where the Trust Score comes into play. Just as employers don’t want to be hoodwinked by shady freelancers, hardworking freelancers don’t want to be ripped off by employers who misrepresent their project, their needs, or their identities. It’s free for freelancers to join, but we’ll also be rolling out some paid opportunities for freelancers to stand out.

For Employers

Unlike many other sites, CitronWorks is a subscription-based membership. That means that we don’t charge commissions. Best of all, you can pause your membership at any time and still keep your connections with the freelancers you’ve hired. And with our Trust Score, you can both find new talent with transparency as well as build your own reputation on the platform.

Ready to Get Started?

So are we! Sign up as an employer, freelancer, or freelancer company today!


Leo Gestetner

A serial entrepreneur for over 30 years with a track record of successful online and offline businesses. Leo is Co-Founder & CEO of Zenvoy (Building A.I. Driven Private Networking Communities) & is also Co-Founder & CEO of CitronWorks (A global marketplace of remote professionals ready to help entrepreneurs and companies achieve their goals). Leo is Founder & CEO of Heath Capital, a private equity firm that primarily takes control positions in Technology, Real Estate, and Consumer & Durable Goods Businesses and is very active in each investment.

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